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With Grime you make external changes to the face or body. You can enhance or change the character by applying Special FX products, or playing with color.

Whether it concerns School Musical, Wound Making, Sint-Makeup, Special FX for Film or Theater. Choose the right product for your grime challenge here;

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Some Glitter & Glamor is always a good idea. Top off your look with the right Sparkle! You will find the most suitable Glitters for every occasion.

Glitterlips, Festival Glitters, Glittercreme, Face-Jewels and more!
Choose a Sparkle and shine!

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Halloween is celebrated annually on October 31. This All Saints' Day celebrates the appreciation for life after death.

Finish your Halloween outfit with a beautiful Halloween Face Paint. Or Grime a creation with the Special FX Makeup for Halloween

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Do you want to buy make-up?

If you want to paint beautifully, professional make-up products are half the battle. Good make-up brushes, in combination with professional make-up really make the difference. The techniques you use when painting are much easier with the right make-up materials.

In addition to professional make-up, you will find beautiful Make-up Kits, Make-up Templates, Split Cakes, Make-up Books, Make-up Brushes, Glitter and more in our shop!

Safe Face Painting

You use make-up directly on the skin. It is therefore important that the make-up you buy is also safe. All Make-up brands in our shop are of approved Make-up quality; This make-up has been found safe, is friendly to the skin, easily washable and pleasant to use

Learn Face Painting from Professionals

Face painting is so much fun to do. Besides the fact that it is nice to make beautiful face painting, face painting brings you so much more. We at Noddies know all about that. Face painting is a very relaxing hobby. It calms down your mind. Creativivity bring you in your flow. Therefor we like to share Facepainting with you due our Online Facepaint Courses.

In Spring of 2023 we will start translating our Online Courses so you can learn to Facepaint around the globe. Our goal is to bring joy and creativiteit for young and elder people; with facepainting!