Cosmetic Glitters

Elevate your makeup with exquisite cosmetic glitter in diverse forms:

  • GLITTERGELS Festival glitter and Pixie paint are easily spreadable gels featuring Chuncky glitters on an Aloe Vera base. Glittermark is a fine glitter gel pen, perfect for creating sophisticated glitter lines.

  • GLITTERCREME  Vivid Gleam, PXP Creme, and Fusion Creme are Wax-based glitters, offering a lip balm-like texture. Effortlessly apply them over face paint or makeup without worrying about fading.

  • GLITTERPUF  Superstar Sparkling Glitter and Fusion Glitterpumps are loose glitters in a convenient puff pack, providing a beautiful sparkle for your design.

  • DUST POWDER Silky Diamond FX powder serves as a highlighter or imparts a metallic effect to your regular makeup

  • LOSE GLITTERS Available in fine or Chuncky varieties from various brands. Dab them onto your makeup, blend with a Glitter gel base, or use them for creating dazzling glitter tattoos.

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