Cookie statement

1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a very small text file that, when you visit the website, is stored on the device you use to visit our website, such as a computer, tablet, smartphone or smartwatch. Where we refer to "cookies" below, we also mean other similar techniques.

Cookies make it possible to recognise your web browser. Useful, because then you don't have to re-enter your data, indicate preferences or adjust your settings, for example. It is actually a kind of identification that helps distinguish one user from another. A cookie is unique and can only be read by the server that placed it. When you visit our website, we ask permission to place cookies. Good to know: cookies do not compromise the security of your computer.

2. What are cookies used for?

We distinguish between different types of cookies:

1. Functional cookies
These are necessary for the website to function properly. For instance, they make sure they remember which products are in your shopping basket. You do not need to ask permission to place functional cookies.

2. Analytical cookies

We use these to analyse how our website is used, e.g. how often our website is visited, what page you arrive at on our website, which pages are clicked on the most. Based on this information, we try to make the website as user-friendly as possible for you. We do not trace statistics and other reports back to individuals. You do not need to request permission to place analytical cookies.

3. Social media cookies

We use social media buttons on the website to link to our own social media channels. To ensure that these buttons work, we use cookies from the social media companies listed below. The use of these cookies requires your consent. The cookies allow these parties to recognise you when you want to share something from our site.

For the cookies that the social media parties place and the data they collect with these, we also refer to the statements that these parties make on their own websites. Please note that these statements may change regularly. Noddies' websites have no influence on this. We are active on the following social media: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

4. Advertising tracking cookies

These are cookies that can track your browsing behaviour on our and other websites. This enables us and advertisers to show personalised online ads and tailored content based on your surfing behaviour. We ask your permission to place these cookies.
Advertising cookies are usually set by parties other than the provider of the site on which the advertisement appears.

3. Can you turn off cookies?

Yes, you can always disable cookies yourself or remove them from your device. How you can do so varies depending on the type of internet browser and device. If you choose to delete cookies, the website may no longer function optimally and you may not be able to use some services.

4. Can this cookie policy be updated?

We will need to update this information from time to time as, for example, our website or the rules around cookies change. We may change the content of the statements and cookies listed at any time and without prior warning. You can consult this webpage for the latest version. If changes are made to this document, you can see the date at the bottom of the document when this was last done.

If we intend to use cookies for which you have given your permission for other purposes, we will ask your permission.